Enhance the value of your home with a Spencer Home Remodeling bathroom. From a dramatic redo to a simple update, we will create a bath designed for easy maintenance and personal comfort... Why not let our skilled team show you how easy it can be!

Burkhardt Bathroom   ♦   Belleville, Illinois
McCleary Bath   ♦   Belleville, Illinois
Miller Bathroom   ♦   O’Fallon, Illinois
Hauser Bathroom   ♦   Waterloo, Illinois
Lintker Bathroom   ♦   Freeburg, Illinois
LaFrance Bathroom   ♦   Belleville, Illinois
Kelsey Bathroom   ♦   Belleville, Illinois
Schafer Bathroom   ♦   O’Fallon, Illinois
Rigazzi Bathroom   ♦   Collinsville, Illinois
Thurgood Bathroom   ♦   O’Fallon, Illinois
Haren Bathroom   ♦   Belleville, Illinois
Sauerbry Bathroom   ♦   Belleville, Illinois